Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Privatisation without stealth

The government are pretty shameless in their auctioning of the crown NHS jewels, they don't even feel the need to hide their continued privatisation of the NHS from the general public. Personally I'm not even sure anymore if the government are cynical or just plain stupid, perhaps they are a mixture of the two.

As the good old NHS struggles to pay off deficits and staff are laid off as a direct result of this belt fastening procedure, one can rest assured that luxury juicy cherries are still being served up to the private sector. For example Capio seem eternally guaranteed to be dished up tax payer's cash, even when they don't bother doing the work that they were contracted to undertake. This is not an isolated example, there are private firms driving the NHS out of business in many other regions thanks to this central mismanagement which results in a rather uneven playing surface being forced upon us.

Capio and their ilk are like a pack of hungry lions drooling with anticipation as the government prepares them yet another course of expensive tax-payer-funded morsels, while the NHS is served up an empty plate of hot air. The NHS is simply the 'biggest privatisation opportunity' in Europe, in Capio's own words the NHS is merely a lump of profitable meat. Behind the hollow chatter about markets and capitalisation, this malignant monster is waiting to profit at the expense of all of us poor tax payers. Scandalously our own government is assisting the generation of private monopolies of health care provision that will see millions wasted in lining shareholders pockets; while democratic change will be impossible as the power will no longer lie with our own government, it will lie with a few very wealth businessmen who will have no obligation to respect the values of equality and justice that the NHS stands for.

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