Saturday, 24 May 2008

World class idiocy

Type the words 'world class commissioning' into google and you'll unearth a goldmine of utter tosh, starting from the DoH's page on the subject. Apparently there are four key parts to this large hunk of management turd:

"a vision for world class commissioning, a set of world class commissioning competencies, an assurance system and a support and development framework."

Have a read and if you can honestly make any sense of the undecipherable management speak then please get in touch, because I can't. The document is littered with meaningless guff like 'adding life to years and years to life', it is utterly cringe worthy. Essentially all they're saying is that they intend to make health care better with world class commissioning, in the most long winded and nonsensical manner humanly possible.

The meat of this reform is hidden in the FESC section, that's Framework for procuring External Support for Commissioners in long. This is essentially privatisation by the back door again. PCTs will be enabled to directly commission work from independent providers, private providers in other words.

FESC is designed to privatise the NHS further, the PCTs will undermine the local NHS services by starving them of funds by commissioning their work to private firms instead. PCTs are turning into the biggest joke in the NHS, their bureaucracies never stop expanding and instead of actually paying those who know what their doing to do their jobs, ie the hospitals and local NHS services, they
would rather burn our money in commissioning their own hair brained schemes.

It would be far too simple to fund our hospitals and local services properly, our PCTs want to starve these services of cash while lining the private sector's pockets. In this manner PCTs spend lots of money trying to avoid paying GPs and hospitals for the work that they actually do, increasing the bureaucratic inefficiency of the system.

The way in which DoH stooges try to dress up this agenda of privatisation as some kind of revolutionary breakthrough in the science of commissioning has to be seen to be believed, have a read of the incomprehensible Helen Bevan's explanation:

"The biggest risk is that the transformational aspirations of tomorrow get hijacked by the thinking of today."

No Helen, the biggest danger is that people will see through your camouflage of management mumbo jumbo and see world class commissioning for what it really is, yet another dishonest attempt to privatise the NHS that will have a devastating effect on local NHS services and standards of care. Mark Britnell's limp words sum up the Kafkaesque nature of this government campaign.

It may have passed the the moronic DoH apparatchiks who read the Health Service Journal by, but their ilk have been wrecking the NHS for the last eleven years, therefore why on earth should anyone believe the faeculent management speak that is spewed forth from their treacherous behinds. These apparatchiks are very good at producing meaningless waffle that claims they will make things better, but if these hollow words are not backed up by meaningful action then surely these failures should be shown the door? Unfortunately for us this government rewards lying and failure with promotion, so we have an NHS run by a proliferating network of dishonest cretins who have only just mastered shoe lace tying.

So as 'world class commissioning' grows, expect to see your local GP and local hospital starved of cash resulting in essential services closing, then watch and weep as the private sector is paid large sums to do the same work less well. This is world class idiocy.

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