Monday, 9 June 2008

R-UK goes live

The one flower to have blossomed following the MTAS explosion has been that of Remedy UK. The only group that showed the courage and determination to represent the opinion of doctors was Remedy, and as others floundered Remedy was strong.

Remedy have launched a new online Magazine and it's a site that's well worth popping past. Anyone can read the magazine, while everyone is also free to register and join the online Remedy community.
I would therefore urge everyone to be part of Remedy's solution, this is no time for apathy, admittedly many of us are feeling the strain after many months of unrelenting grinding against the system, however if we do not stand up now and try to make ourselves heard then we never will.
Darzi, Johnson et al are currently pushing through their antidemocratic reforms which promise to reduce the standard of care while privatising what is left of our National Health Service. We need to unite against this common evil, we need to believe that we can make a difference as individuals combining to destroy this malignant growth.
The power of public opinion is potentially huge and enough to stop any tyrant in their tracks, so it is up to us to find more ways in which to educate and engage the public, so that they can unite with us against this common enemy. We have the truth on our side, so despite our relative lack of finances and propaganda merchants, we can hit the bastards for six if we believe in ourselves a little bit more.

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