Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Bacon manufacturing more porkies

Dr Neil Bacon has spent a fair few hours this week peddling his propaganda to the press, for example he appears in the Oxford Mail this week telling us all how a majority of doctors are right behind his scheme (thanks for spotting that Dr C). He doesn't stop telling porkies there, excuse the pun, he goes on to talk of the site's great security, how useful it will be and on and on.

To put Dr Bacon's hypothesis to the test, I just wonder how many people will respond to this Mail article and agree with the might Bacon? I wonder? I may have to retire from blogging for good if a mass of doctors suddenly crawl out of the woodwork to show their solidarity for Neil's position. Somehow I suspect this will not be the case. Neil is getting rather desperate, after all a lot is on the line for him now, both he and his wife are involved in this new venture. Should IWGC fail dismally I wonder what this will mean for Dr Bacon?


Jobbing Doctor said...

Excellent, if a little understated.

Anonymous said...

Errrrm GM

I spotted the piece :) and sent to Dr C. Same with the latest PCRuck material!

Given the undercover intelligence over at this end, be grateful if you boys would link to me :). Might be gentlemanly occasionally:)


Anonymous said...

Oh but Ferret, he IS telling porkies all the time.

He keeps telling everyone he is A SPECIALIST

He is not. He is an out of work junior hospital doctor


Henry North London said...

Bacon used to get £100000 a year from DNUK he doesnt get it anymore

Hence the squealing has commenced

Squeal harder Neil ( Im not on the specialist register) Bacon

Garth Marenghi said...

apologies Rita. I did not realise.

indeed Henry, by the way what is the legal situation as regards using the name of doctors in the list for IWGC without their permission?


Henry North London said...

I believe it has to do with Section 10 of the data protection act

Henry North London said...

anyway he has left everyone exposed as nhsexposed kindly explores a thought from me this morning

If you report the nasty doctors on Bacons site how much can we lay bets on how fast it gets taken down?

There are lot of people with skeletons and it wont take long.

I had the thought this morning that if anyone can comment on it which they can then everyone is under scrutiny including those docs that regularly bully and covertly aggress against their juniors,

Anyone for gaslighting?

Anonymous said...


Good to have you back! I have been flat out all week so please do take over the Bacon campaign!

This is our DPA argument http://nhsexposedblog.blogspot.com/2008/07/iwantgreatcare-fireball-defence-neil.html

See what you think. We think its full proof but obviously we cant test it as I am not on the register anymore and have no wish to engage the old goat in head on collision. He isn't good looking enough and I have decided that in future, I need to pick my enemies based solely on their looks. I just dont settle for pigs these days. You understand that.

Email from Dr Ray - he is due to be back. Crippen was threatened - told me so by email. Minor things have happened our end but nothing concerning.

No one writes it like you do Ferret. I found a lovely picture of you with large pink ears http://nhsexposedblog.blogspot.com/2008/07/uk-doctors-v-dr-dipstick-oxford-renal.html
You look rather fetching :) Pink suits you.

Anyway, hope you had a good holiday.

Rita P

Anonymous said...

----- Original Message -----
From: Rita Pal
To: michaelcross@fastmail.fm
Sent: Saturday, July 26, 2008 3:02 AM
Subject: How the internet is changing health care -- Cross 337 (223): a883 -- BMJ



I am thinking of setting up iwantgreatjournalists.org. What do you think of that idea?. I believe you have failed to research iwantgreatcare and its implications on a doctor's livelihood. I wonder how you would feel if a anonymous post I had written on the internet [that was defamatory and false] placed you down your conduct route at the NUJ. I wonder how you would feel if that post was sent to all your employers. This would result in non one hiring you. That is of course not something you would approve of, yet you expect a doctor to be able to tolerate this. This is though what happens at the GMC who have this week admitted to potentially using anonymous posts in their Fitness to Practise proceedings. Moreover, the Registrar at the GMC has no vexatious policy which means any post can be passed through the first stage and disclosed to 5 years worth of employers. This would potentially result in the loss of a doctors job and or references. Do you think that is fair?

Quite frankly, I am extremely unhappy with the way you have now placed doctors at risk by running a free advert for Neil Bacon - a doctor who purports to be a specialist but is not on the specialist register. Every doctor has been unhappy with this website because the material is not verified. Doctors are not washing machines by the way and I believe your piece in the BMJ was negligent workmanship. I note the public cannot bring this to the notice of the NUJ but I believe we may be able to bring it to the attention of the public.

You might want to look at why Neil Bacon is using doctors data without their consent.

I am not surprised the BMJ ran your piece given Fiona Godlee is a very good friend of Neil Bacon.


Dr Rita Pal

Dazy said...

I'm aware of the health risk of this. It depends on long-term exposure. Dioxins, getting into our system through our food, are stored in body fat, and with only a small percentage of this expelled each day, the amount gradually builds up over many many years.