Sunday, 17 August 2008

The NHS Stasi

There has been a lot of recent talk about a junior doctor who was suspended from work for comments made on a private Internet forum. On one hand it seems that our medical leaders cannot take a bit of banter on closed Internet fora, while on the other hand they are happy to nonchalantly wreck thousands of lives without expecting any punishment at all.

It is rumoured that the doctor's ridiculous suspension has been lifted, apparently some big media cheeses were sniffing around the story and this prompted some action from our esteemed medical leaders.

Dr Rant also remarks at just how unlikely it is that the likes of Liz Paice and her buddies will be investigated by the GMC for their cowardly acts which could be seen as a gross abuse of power by some.

Amazingly doctors such as myself have no choice but to pay almost 400 pounds every year to the General Medical Council. Some would say that the GMC selectively punishes various enemies of the state, so in this context is seems very strange that doctors have to fund yet another outpost of government?

It all makes Remedy UK's campaign to hold those behind MMC to account all the more important in my opinion, 1430 signatures so far, surely those behind this negligent reform should be punished? Or maybe swearing on a private Internet forum is more important in the grand scheme of things.

I'd better stop there, as I'm sure the Department of Health will be monitoring my words and telephone conversations using RIPA. Better keep quiet and sing Carol Black's praises then.

The GMC is great, they would never ever selectively punish doctors at the request of people that they are close to. MMC is great, modernisation for the sake of it is progress, even if it results in a terrible dumbing down of standards and the butchering of thousands of hard work professionals' careers. We do not live in a country in which the government continues to empower itself in a rather Stalinist manner, in a way that threatens the liberty of its citizens.

We live in a parliamentary democracy, we should be grateful, our politicians would never ever slip dodgy legislation through that spits in the face of freedom. Or would they?


jayann said...

I think you'll find 'not' was a typo: dr rant meant the suspension has 'now' been lifted. (IMO)

Garth Marenghi said...

indeed. thanks.

David L. Cox said...

Well said, Garth.

Remedy's action remains the only fair approach to the problems caused by the prima donnas that supposedly lead the profession. Their misuse of power is just another symptom of their pathetic management abilities.

We on the receiving end of the nonsense of the past 3 years or so don't forget easily and still have not forgiven. Black's dreadful letter led to the resignation of Johnson - she remains and must GO!

Fot myself I also remember old Pontius Pilate and his not me guv letter - Rubin can go too,by the quickest way!

Let's hope that Remedy get on with the GMC action on the Limpet as soon as possible. Then the fellow travellers might start to keep their heads down or at least realise that the cushy life they lead also has responsibilities attached!