Thursday, 1 January 2009

Honesty in an NHS manager

A PCT manager by the name of Caroline Davis has been caught admitting the exact nature of her job with the PCT as a 'assistant director of strategic partnerships':

"I now live in Dover, where I work for the NHS, bull*****ing for a living, no change there then."

The rather honest comments were stupidly put up on Friends United by Caroline, whoops. Dr C also picked up on this rare moment of honesty from an NHS manager.

It's one of the saddest facts of recent years of government health reform, the billions have rarely got anywhere near the front line services, invariably the money is intercepted by one of the many layers of inefficient bureaucracy that stifles the provision of health care in this country.

PCTs have expanded at a rate faster than an obese chocaholic at Easter, in many areas they now have more managers in the PCT than doctors in the same area. The government has knowingly and deliberately presided over this mass expansion of bullshit peddlers in order that it may serve as a smokescreen for the cynical privatisation of the NHS that has been going on at the very same time.

Tales like this from the Jobbing doctor are commonplace in the NHS these days, the government is happily building numerous facilities often funded with PFI money which are simply not needed, their aim is to undermine good local services and feed their buddies in the private sector. It's no wonder that basic compassion is going out the window at the same time, numerous people are being encouraged to do things for which they are simply not trained, whether it be nurses being encouraged to become managers rather than rewarding proper nursing, or pharmacists having a crack at playing toy town doctors. How about we stuck at doing what we were trained for and we set about cutting back the overgrowth of pointless stifling bureaucracy, then things might be slightly less disastrous.


Henry North London said...

I want 50K for bullshitting,


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