Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Remedy survey reveals the truth about MMC

A recent Remedy survey has shown the devastating impact that Modernising Medical Careers (MMC) has had upon patients, doctors and their families. The results are not surprising but are still very important as none of the powers that be have ever looked for any feedback or comment from doctors on MMC.

It is strange that in an NHS with so much bureaucracy and pretend feedback that organisations such as the Department of Health, PMETB, the Deaneries and the BMA have never asked any meaningful questions about MMC. If you do not look for something then you will not find it, also if you hide from something then you are also a damn sight less likely to encounter it.

Amazingly despite the stated aims of MMC being to improve patient care and postgraduate medical training, 78% of all respondents say that patient care and postgraduate training is worse than previously. Very few (just 1%) could comment on MMC positively.

Sadly MMC is but the tip of the iceberg of failing and destructive healthcare reform, it is also true that this failing government healthcare policy is also only the tip of another even bigger iceberg, the one that represents this government's general failure in all it touches. Whether it be the riding roughshod over our civil liberties or the never ending empowerment of various Kafka-esque state agencies, this government treats most people with no respect, and if you treat people with no respect and showpeople no trust then you know what you can expect in return.


David L. Cox said...

There are none so blind as those who will not see....

All those responsible for the destructive effects of MMC should by now have been fired, from the Ginger whinger down. None would be able to hold down a front line management job in real industry.

They hold on to their massively lucrative positions because they hope that the problem will go away, rather than either facing the facts of their failures honourably and resigning or putting the damn thing right by carrying out the management for which they are paid.

The headless chickens and wimps at the DH/BMA/PMETB etc are not up to it and should be removed.

Doctor Daedalus said...

The most striking figure is perhaps the 1 in 4 who are now thinking of leaving to do something else. This is either catastrophic workforce planning - or a very, very clever way of reducing the numbers getting to consultant level...