Monday, 2 November 2009

Johnson and Brown: two idiots of the highest order

The Prof Nutt saga is not going away unfortunately for the incompetent duo of Gordon Brown and Alan Johnson. The disgraceful sacking of the eminent Professor is turning into quite s sh*t storm, and quite rightly so. The more information that comes to light, the more corrupt and stupid the politicians appear. Dr Grumble has pointed out yet more flaws in the government's weak line of logic.

Alan Johnson accused Professor Nutt of becoming political with his statements, in fact what he said prior to his sacking was simply a well rehearsed and well researched scientific argument that was backed up by solid evidence. All of Brown and Johnson's comments on drugs have merely shown an immense lack of understanding of the evidence and a pathetic tendency to appeal to the lowest scaremongering sections of the tabloid press.

Skunk is not 'lethal' as fat Gordo stated, in fact by Johnson's logic Brown should resign as he is clearly straying into the scientific domain with this political statement. Johnson is just as bad as Brown with his illogical statements that he has released in order to justify the unjustifiable.

This is a simple issue and it comes down to the government having no balls. Brown is a weak incompetent leader who will do anything, no matter how wrong or dishonest, to win a few votes. Brown has routinely ignored experts on issues of which he and his fellow morons in power have no clue, he is too stupid to have any insight into his own lack of knowledge, he is a first class buffoon. This affair is not going away, it is about important principles, the resignations continue and I sincerely hope that it has done some good in exposing the rank stupidity and arrogance of those leading our country.


Demetrius said...

Why does everything this Government touches turn into such a mess? Usually an expensive mess, and one that is time wasting and damaging to all those involved. It isn't that difficult to do things properly, you just have to think.

Elio said...

Just don't have the same faith as you. In the past 'experts' have been wrong and discredited.
And as for research well that can be tilted to suit whatever outcome is wanted. The media talks about 'the research says'( Moses on the Mount) but never mentions where it comes from or who commissioned it.
I read Professor Nutt is an academic physco-pharmacologist. A pharmacologist knows about drugs not sure what the psycho bit is ? psychology, is there any neuro-phsyiology ? Any of the committee neuroscients ?
Advice is just that - whether it's heeded or discarded is separate.