Monday, 8 February 2010

Campbell cracks, if only the inquiry had some balls

Unfortunately I have been too busy to catch most of the Chilcot 'inquiry', if one can call it that, from the bits I have caught it does appear a completely limp and toothless sham. Most of the interviews I have heard have consisted of vague nothingy questions which allow the skillful liars, the politicians, to side step any awkward areas. The people doing the interviewing are clearly not skilled interrogators, if anything was to come of it then the questions had to be very salient and based on clear facts, Blair and Co will not be caught out when asked 'Hello magazine' style questions as to whether they have any regrets or not.

Dr Grumble alerted me to this moment on the Andrew Marr show when Alastair Campbell pretty much gave the game away, he was completely lost for words, I'd imagine this was because he got to a point in the road at which he could no longer lie to travel onwards. This point in the road that involved Blair misleading parliament, something Campbell tried to deny would ever be the case no matter of other hypothetical facts, this was a big error from Campbell, as if the evidence was not there on the WMD then it would be obvious that Blair had indeed misled parliament.

It is a sad indictment on the Chilcot inquiry that two of the biggest breakthroughs have come thanks to Fern Britton and Andrew Marr on their TV shows. This says more than anything else. In the end Campbell couldn't answer the question and after a few moments of silence, claimed 'Tony Blair is a very honorable man', he then tried to pretend he cared and was upset at events, my heart bleeds. The facts are clear, there was no decent evidence behind the claims that Iraq and Saddam had WMD, Blair had no decent evidence, the weapons inspectors openly stated there was no evidence, yet our government proceeded and spun things the way they wanted. It was never 'beyond doubt' that these WMD were around, it may have been 'beyond doubt' that Tony wanted to believe there were WMD because he wanted war anyway irrelevant of this. Blair, Campbell and all their cronies are liars, cheats and a disgrace to our country.

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