Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Join the dots: Privatisation=bed cuts=corridor medicine

A survey of nurses has revealed what a lot of NHS workers and patients already knew, that patients are routinely being treated and housed in storage areas, offices, TV rooms and outpatient clinics.

This comes on the back of news that massive cuts in the London NHS could well result in the loss of 5,600 beds, this is almost a third of the total number of beds available in the capital.

Bed numbers go down and down thanks to PFI schemes and the internal market's forced cuts, targets forced patients to be shunted out of AE quicker and quicker, it's really no wonder that patients are spilling over into TV rooms and storage areas.

It's all so predictable and it was all so very preventable. The internal market and the government's program of enforced privatisation has left us with this disastrous legacy of patients dying in corridors, at least the private providers are making their healthy profits come what may.


Heartbroken medic said...

Patients are being comoditised. Meanwhile, executive nurse directors win prizes for quality improvement initiatives, patient safety gimmicks & championing patient dignity. Trusts self-score and ridiculous quangos rate the majority as good-excellent despite the barbaric and inhumane way the elderly and dying are treated. Why do the leaders of the profession continue to "keep their powder dry?" OK, gongs and CEAs. The parasites profiteering from this are degenerate scum. But I reserve most contempt for the sly and devious psychopaths "leading" the medical profession, and their counterparts in the nursing and healthcare unions. All have been bribed to buy their silence. Ordinary medics must displace these evil people. When people vote in the forthcoming BMA elections, please do not re-elect the same career medical politicians. THese people have already sold out their colleeagues and their patients. Please vote for change. LIkewise, in the royal college council elections, you must vote for those standing on an antiprivatisation agenda. Do not trust those seeking re-election, who have no track record of opposition to NHS reform.

Parasitic Mckinsey management consultant said...

Who cares?

We're coining it it.

Sod the patients. They'll get shiney new polyclinics. What more could they ask for? I live up the road from the Chelsea and Westminster, so when my wife goes into labour, she'll get decent treatment, and spend time on a nice, clean ward, with posh people in the adjacent beds. Thats all that matters. Sod you and sod the smelly poor people, who rely on polyclinics. Do I look as if I care? I'm minting it in, justifying closing hospitals to divert money into polyclinics.

Kerching, kerching, kerching

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