Monday, 19 April 2010

The vote: an insult to those who fought for it

As the election fast approaches, one could be forgiven for getting carried away with all the excitement about polls, TV debates and campaign trails. If one takes a bit of step back then one can see our democracy for what it really is, a steaming pile of dishonest horse manure.

The vote should mean something, many people have fought and died for the right to vote, politicians even claim to this day that not voting is an insult to those who fought for the right, I disagree with these politicians. The vote has come to mean very little and this is one great shame.

There is no genuine choice, despite the endless shiny waffle and propaganda in the mainstream media, if one quickly scratches beneath the surface then one soon sees that all the major political parties have pretty much identical policies on the key issues. The vote is practically meaningless, it is a token gesture, party politics is corrupt and has run out of democratic steam.

Take the health service for example, there is simply no choice for voters on policy, all the major parties are not questioning the market ideology, the PFI schemes that are wasting billions, the privatisation agenda, the dumbing down and dis empowerment of the educated professionals. The mainstream media are silent on this scandal, bloggers are the only genuine voice against this disgrace and the election propaganda goes on and on.

Politics is broke, meaningless superficial Television debates will not fix this problem, unless someone in a position of power does something about this disillusionment of the general population, then the time bomb will keep on ticking and eventually it will go off.

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Disillusioned anaesthetist said...

All three support choice & competition [markets]. Why? The geeky health economists argue that the market mechanism is the most efficient way to allocate resources to achieve maximum gain. Investor in the healthcare industry agree-by definition. This preposterous assertion, unsubstantiated by any decent evidence, needs to be challenged. Its depressing that New Labour-formerly a socialist party-has been nobbled by the lobbyists, acting on behalf of the large healthcare companies. But why do the liberals support it? Easy, because it means that the private companies will build sexy new LIFT health centres/polyclinics & PFI hospitals but the costs will be deferred for a few years. This was the same logic that New Labours’ career politicians used (although they’d already made their mind up having been bribed by third parties acting on behalf of the “industry”).

We should all join with the leaders of the Keep Our NHS Public campaign to expose & fight this. Maybe we need to educate people-to spell it out in very simple language. Imagine you’re a hospital doctor, your actually employed by a medium-sized enterprise called an NHS trust. If your trust faces a 40% real terms reduction in income [due to PCT economies in commissioning], your employer is stuffed. Added to which, your employer will have to repay Rachman-magnitude sums to “PFI partners”. Doesn’t leave much left over to pay the workforce? Here the DNUK denial kicks in. “Oooowww ooowww but we’re doctors, we’re special, we’re important, they couldn’t fire us/ outsource our jobs/ freeze our pay,… they’d better be careful or we might form chambers, then they’d be sorry…”

They'd much rather have a beauty pagent, seeing who could outdo rival leaders, with lists of buzz words & cheesey fabricated anecdotes than discuss their plans for the NHS. ITS AS IF THEY KNOW THAT WE WOULDNT LIKE TO HEAR WHAT THEY'VE GOT PLANNED...

please join & donate money to Keep Our NHS Public