Sunday, 2 May 2010

Labour - wrecking medical training and culling training jobs

According to the Telegraph Labour have been crafting secret plans to cull large number of junior doctor training jobs if they magically win the election with Gordon Brown at the helm. This sums up the rank dishonesty and incompetence that this government have shown regarding doctors' training in the last thirteen years.

Labour have presided over a massive over expansion of medical student places at Universities. I call this an 'over' expansion because they have not maintained standards, they have stuffed medical schools too full, they have dumbed down the quality of the undergraduate medical training system in the process, much the same has been done to all University degrees under Labour.

The expansion in numbers has led to the typical boring propaganda from Labour such as 'more doctors', 'more nurses' and 'more degrees'. This may be true, but it has come at some cost and that is the standards of education, and also the fact that many of these people will have no long term career prospects in their area of training.

Modernising Medical Careers (MMC) and MTAS are two of the government's biggest cock ups, the former being the flawed dumbed down reform of medical training and the latter being a hopeless application process that wrecked many a junior doctor's career. The threat of culling training posts now could be devastating to the service with many rotas being massively short staffed as things stand.

This government simply cannot be trusted. They promised us so much and have delivered so little. The referendum on Europe never happened despite being promised in the Labour manifesto, many other promises have been broken in recent years since Labour came to power.

Medical training is in crisis despite all the money that Labour has wasted on the NHS. This government promises to protect front line services, this is a very dubious promise given these secret plans to scrap training jobs for doctors. The bottom line is that Gordon and chums cannot be trusted, they have lied time and time again. Do not give them your vote next week, they simply do not deserve it. Labour need to be removed at all costs.

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Old Codger said...

Agreed about Noo Labor but is Dave any more trustworthy? He promises much but gives no real idea how it will be paid for or how he will reduce the deficit. Are his contracts with the voters any more credible than his "cast iron guarantee"?