Thursday, 22 July 2010

The market where bottled water will dominate

The White Paper for health will see the NHS destroyed. The market is to be left in control of matters. Sensible long term central planning for the nation's health will be a forgotten thing of the past, the market will do all this, as if by magic.

As bottled water, useless products that are a complete waste of money will proliferate, this will lead to more inefficiency and patients struggling to get proper treatments that do have solid evidence behind them. The market for health care is no Utopia, it is just a way in which a lot of private firms will get very rich by providing easy treatments for the worried well while proper treatments for the sick are not appropriately prioritised.

A perfect example of the market leading to completely useless rubbish being sold is the APOS treatment from BUPA, it is complete and utter nonsense. Read all about it and be very afraid. You had also better get used to these kind of junk evidence-lite treatments, these bottled waters of the medical industry will proliferate in the next few years, this is what the market promises for your cash. What a sad and terrible waste, but the marketing is very shiny, one can't forget that.


Anonymous said...

But gait analyses is a very important aspect of podiatry Ferret Fancier. It is actually a science that helps a lot of patients either relief their existing pain or improve on another clinical condition.Podiatry also caters for those born with foot and leg deformaties, athletes, bad shoes habits, patients with diabetes ... etc, etc. It is a tough discipline to study at uni too.

Garth Marenghi said...

It also account for a rather large amount of utter BS as demonstrated nicely by BUPA.

Dino-nurse said...

Yup, however you can get the same type of gait analysis for free in many sports shops. What is more worrying to me is the number of companies directly targeting the "worried well" with offers of toal body scans for example...reminds me of the Scrubs Sketch "you may already be dying..." lol but not really.