Wednesday, 11 August 2010

The white paper summarised neatly

For those of you who haven't had time grasp the catastrophic implications of the government's white paper, have a look at the excellent video above and be afraid, be very afraid. The end result of the white paper is a system that will be privately owned and not publicly accountable. It will also be more bureaucratic and management heavy. Oh dear oh dear.


Hypercryptical said...

I, along with others, grasped the concept some time ago Ferret Fancier!

As soon as the United Health Service - sorry Group - got their feet under the table - the die was cast!

I have to admit that I voted Conservative - but would do so again - to excise NuLabour from the NHS equation. But you must be aware that the road to privatision was part of NuLabours agenda - although more covert - for we never believe that Labour do not have the interests of the common man at heart, do we?

But, I do believe that whoever is in goverment is irrelevant - the NHS as we know it is doomed!

But I am afraid - very afraid! Stand up and be counted folk - for if we sit meekly by (which we will do) all is lost!.

Anonymous said...

Excellant video, if only this could be played on the TV , then maybe people would wake up to what is going on
Most people seem totally unaware of the privatisation of OUR NHS

Fred said...

Remember, while it is "our" NHS, it is only "ours" because Labour stole it (nationalisation) from the previous owners (mostly local charities) in the post-war euphoria. Initially it was run as a job creation scheme for employees, now the jobs are for business consultants. Either way, the patient has had a very poor return on the tax money that has been fed endlessly into the black hole that is NHS accounting.

As it stands, the NHS is beyond rescue. Yes, this proposal is even worse. But we need "even worse" to concentrate minds on building a proper, localised, decentralised system that cares for health care and not politics.

George Wright said...

So current NHS entities (hospitals etc)will now have to respond to agendas of patients rather than the NHS establishment. Wow, fantastic!

PS When you say 'our NHS' the current NHS 'belongs' to the medical and political establishment but paid for by taxpayers who have no effective say

Canuck said...

"The NHS belongs to us"---it belongs in fact to those who control its levers---the self serving bureaucratic/political hierarchies---it has become increasingly dysfunctional and will inevitably collapse under its own ponderous weight.

Whatever the state and its central planners can do---the freemarket can do better---ideally working in a symbiotic relationship with the state as do the top rated half dozen health care 'systems' of the world.

Few if any of the overcompensated 'top/down' managerial and bureaucratic NHS drones should be rehired by the grassroots FPs that will hold the purse strings---they've had their opportunity and have blown it---give those with 'bottom up' free market experience the opportunity, they will certainly do better---they could hardly do worse.