Saturday, 5 May 2012

Risk-free profits for the vultures begin

This excellent article from Allyson Pollock sums up the disaster that Lansley's terrible NHS reforms are.  It is clear that the market is fake and that many private sector vultures are set to make massive profits at the expense of the tax payer.  It is an utter scandal.

There is no accountability or transparency, meaning that the market is a sham, there is no real competition.  This Bill has been created with the help of the private sector for the private sector, the conflicts of interest are a disgrace.  This is the Lansley and Cameron's idea of open accountable democracy:

"The public cannot make a fully informed judgement about the contract, because both the Treasury and Department of Health have refused to release key information, despite repeated requests under the Freedom of Information Act. "

Pollock sums it all far better than I can:

"The speed at which contracts have been let and the lack of public consultation inevitably seeds suspicions of corruption; but it is politicians who have seriously misled the public over the NHS.......The current lack of disclosure is a public scandal."

It is good to see the current corrupt government paying for their sins in the local elections, the problem is Labour are not much better, the real disgrace is that our democracy is but a sham, voters have no real choice and this will result in reducing voter turnout in elections, increased apathy and a rise in the extremist far right vote.  Thanks Cameron and Clegg, you are a disgrace to this country.

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