Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Stop Cameron selling of the NHS!

Unfortunately our political system is bent and this means that all our major political parties are very happy to ignore the well being of the public in order to keep a few rich elite party donors happy.  The endless privatisation of our public services is a great example of this, there is no evidence that it will be of any benefit to the public, rather the opposite in fact.  However the major parties have all been complicit in the privatisation of several of our key public services.

The NHS is just one of many chunks of the public sector that our corrupt government is intent on selling off.  They want to drive the NHS into the ground in order to catalyse its takeover by numerous huge multinational health care corporations.  Billions have been wasted doing this and the new system will be far less efficient due to a burgeoning bureaucracy that is needed to enforce the corrupt privatisation process.  International trade agreements are a key part of this antidemocratic process that works against the best interests of the general public.

The sad fact is that the political parties are largely funded by rich elite businessmen in whose interests it is to sell of vital public services such as the NHS.  The corporations owned by this rich elite will destroy the NHS and cut services in order to increase their profits, as soon as they have got their foot hold in the system.  The only hope we have of stopping this process is by putting pressure on David Cameron to exempt the NHS from the US/EU free trade agreement that is to be discussed later this year.  So please click on this E-Petition and sign on, every little helps!  The politicians should be the pawns of the public and not the evil weapons of elite billionaire businessmen.


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