Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Letter to NICE on 'preventable' deaths due to acute kidney injury (AKI)

I have a simple request relating to your press release:
"Around 20 per cent of emergency cases of AKI are preventable which would save around 12,000 lives each year in England."
I would like to know how you calculated this figure of 12,000 'preventable' deaths.
The best recent research estimates that in total there are only approximately 11,859 preventable deaths per year in the whole NHS.
I would be grateful if you could justify this 12,000 number for AKI or consider withdrawing it from your website and press release, as in my opinion it is inaccurate and potentially scaremongering,

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Dr. Jason Hurst said...

Well done Ben. Many people don't realize how many preventable deaths occur, or rather they don't care. One of the main reasons that the Veteran deal made me so mad. With the resources that we have around the world, 1 preventable death is too much. This sensitive subject deserves proper awareness.