Saturday, 3 January 2015

Guy Adams of the Mail responds

This is how the noble journalist Guy Adams responded when I made a perfectly reasonable comment on his ill informed piece on Mr Meirion Thomas.  I would like to thank him for his kind response and also for blocking me, as in doing so he has made my point perfectly for me.

There is one rule for the Mail and one rule for those of us who deign to politely criticise the Mail.  The Mail's criticism is all reasonable and justified by definition alone, however anyone criticising the Mail is written off as a 'troll' engaging in 'ad hominem abuse'.  Nice.  Anyone paying money to read this paper should really think twice, can you trust people who behave like this?

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Adlof Hilter said...

Daily Mail: a "Newspaper" read by xenophobic working class fascists with the intellect of a sedentary annelid, who somehow aspire to the very lowest tiers of the middle classes.