Friday, 19 January 2018

Hunt lied and the DH continue to hide the truth......

Above is a response from the Department of Health (DH) to my MP, Layla Moran who very kindly sent them a question about pre-conditions to negotiation of the junior doctor contract.  The background to this is complex but this specific issue can be summarised fairly concisely.  Jeremy Hunt has repeatedly stated that there were never any 'pre-conditions' to negotiating the junior doctor contract.

Having pursued the truth using the Freedom of Information Act I have proven that on July 16th 2015 the Department of Health told the BMA that they would not negotiate the junior doctor contract unless the BMA ceded to all 23 recommendations of the DDRB report in full

To anyone with the most basic of grasp of the English language it is clear that from July 16th 2015 the DH had therefore put into place a clear set of 'pre-conditions' to negotiation, something that Hunt and others have repeatedly lied to cover up.  Hunt's friends in the media such as Danny 'the Fink' Finkelstein have also spun various incoherent nonsense and tried to paint black as white in perpetuating the dishonest myth that pre-conditions are not pre-conditions.

The above response from the DH sums it all up neatly as it describes events over 2013/14, then it talks of the DDRB remit and report, however the letter then bizarrely then skips forward to September 2015 and totally ignores the critical period of July and August 2015 when the pre-conditions were in place.  It is truly Kafka-esque in it's total failure to even get vaguely close to answering the actual questions regarding pre-conditions to negotiation.  The DH's attempts at Orwellian newspeak have truly plumped new depths of ineptitude.