Thursday, 22 February 2007

CFISSA - media blackout

CFISSA- This stands for centrally funded government health initiatives and is a very hush-hush topic in the press. It shouldn't be.

This is because last year 2005-6, CFISSA was over 6 Billion pounds over budget out of a total budget of less than fifteen billion pounds.

Given that operations and investigations are being cancelled thanks to an NHS deficit of less than 1 billion pounds, it makes one scratch one's head and think why is this not reported in the mainstream press?

The NHS deficit has accumulated over many years and is tiny relative to the total NHS budget. While the CFISSA deficit is over six times the total NHS deficit, it has gathered in a relatively much shorter space of time.


Significant Underspends (2004-2006):
Cancer -77 million
CHD -37 million
Mental health -34 million
Reducing health inequalities -169 million
Workforce -667 million

Significant Overspends (2004-2006):
Older People +165 million (interesting this: an overspend of +374 million, followed by a dramatic underspend of -209 million)
Improving patient experience +68 million
IM&T +696 million
Specialist health services +1065 million (audiology, dentistry, ophthalmic <-- already privatised) Modernisation agency +63 million Primary care +4153 million Residual budgets (eg to SHAs) +3938 million
PCT allocations +5574 million

Those bottom two are very significant as virtually the entire overspend is from these. A couple of ferrets have been sent undercover on a special mission and it is likely there is more to be said on this topic.

Where did all the money go?

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