Sunday, 18 February 2007

Faustus has lost his soul

After a rather frantic night shift, I returned home to relax, thought I may catch Match of the Day; unfortunately on BBC 1 I have the great misfortune to see a certain Prime Minister, yes, that man, Tony Blair.

I've always tried to remain calm, whatever the circumstances, whatever the provocation, but sometimes one has to let one's top blow and vent that steam! Tony Blair drives me to blowing my top everytime he opens his slimey lips. It's amusing that whenever its pointed out to him that something is deteriorating under his rule there are several standard catchphrases merge together with some hand movements to give the pretence of caring. If he comes up against hard facts that prove he's useless, he 'disputes' the facts. If his world view is challenged, it's 'hang on, listen to MY point of view'. If he's interrupted when chatting hot air, then 'come on, hang on' with more emphatic hand gestures. The man is a leach of a human being, sucking the lifeblood from the withering slag heap that is the remains of our society.

Before I get carried away and start insulting his wife, I'll take his points one by one.

1.The world according to Blair this morning has the NHS near a state of no waiting lists!

Now 'hang on' Tony, this is utter toad testacles. PCTs are cancelling elective surgery across the country as we speak and in many regions standard surgery is not offered for conditions such as varicose veins and inguinal hernias. Maybe that is one way of getting rid of waiting lists but it's hardly an achievement old chap?

2. Iraq is getting better, and the Iraqi police and security services are winning the battle against the 'extremists'.

Again, {emphatic hand gestures by myself, slightly serious and firm facial expression} Tony, you are chatting a la gonad. Iraq is an utter dog's dinner. The police and security services have been infiltrated by various militias and are a large part of the problem. Also it is not getting better, the violence is escalating and the refugees are fleeing, the human cost is truly appalling. Your view of the world where all the problems are caused by 'extremists who act without logic or reason is truly childlike and embarassing. It's no wonder that trying to defeat all these 'extremists' without understanding the issues is about as successful as Eddie the eagle Edwards.

3. Tony 'cares' and 'empathises' {note my sarcastic hand expressions of mock empathy and concern}.

Caring is not just about chat, it is about actions. Since coming to power you have done precisely nothing that proves you really care. You are good at pretending to care, that I can't deny, but your actions do not match your many words. If I had a penny for everytime you pretended to give a monkeys then I'd be almost able to pay off your sizeable mortgage. You've gone back on so many promises since you came to power that no one believe a word you say these days. I only listen so that I can criticise your hollow promises and dishonest arguments.

This recent episode sums up your rank contempt for the democratic process, which you have demonstrated emphatically here. There are many other examples I could pick, after all there is no shortage of your lies; remember Lobbygate, Iraq's Weapons, your corrupt connections with big business and the cash for peerages scandal for example.

Your government carried out a consultation process that was found to be illegal due to its corruptness. As Prime Minister you should take this on the chin and agree that an open mind must be used for any future decision. But no! Heaven forbid the Prime Minster respect the law and wait until after a proper consultation to bless us with his views, expert on energy that he is.

Look at this piece for a low-down on the Nuclear Industry and their links to the government, including a certain Mr Milliband, a man that reminds me of Mr Blair in the way that he is such a greasy pseudo-caring vermin-like creature.

I have had enough Mr Blair, in fact I had had enough of you a long long time ago. The worst thing about you is your pretence; if you didn't pretend to be such a nice caring man then I would not be so angered by you. It's bad enough that your leadership is buggering our country on several fronts, but the worst thing is that you do it knowingly while pretending to care for the people who's lives you are deliberately destroying for your own personal gain. I do hope you enjoy your retirement job working for the dirty digger and expanding your property portfolio. One thing that makes me happy though is the fact that you will have to live with the knowledge and guilt of what you have done, and I will not lose sleep thinking of you lying awake regretting those years during which you sold your soul- I'm sure you had one once upon a time.

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