Monday, 4 June 2007

Ad infinitum

The same themes seem to recur when browsing through the medical news on the Internet. One would imagine that if those who governed us actually had cranial vaults full of grey cells then they would be able to recognise some of these recurring problems and remedy them. Unfortunately our leaders are more primitive than monkeys that dwell in the trees and choose to gallivant around playing the same old games.

The workforce planning issues that have been royally buggered up by HMG are well presented by Dr Grumble. Some of Liam Donaldson's quotes beggar belief, demonstrating that this man surely resides in cloud cuckoo land.

The utterly incompetent management of contracts is another theme that keeps coming back to the headlines, Dr Rant succinctly points out how ill thought out the government's policy has been regarding NHS dental work. The government are yet again bullying professionals rather than cooperating with them to achieve a common goal. How easy things would be if the government bothered listening to professionals in the first place, it just shows how badly wrong things go when you do not consult properly.

Dr Crippen points out nicely that there is no coherence to the logic of those that want it all for free on the NHS. Remarkably some people are so stupid that they actually listen to the government's dishonest promises that have no hope of working, rather than trusting the professionals who are suggesting a realistic practical solution.

Is there any hope for the NHS when the people in control are pushing on with their fingers firmly in their ears?

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