Friday, 29 June 2007

Big Gordon is our new Big Brother

August is fast approaching and there are more than just a few gaps in hospital rotas that have yet to be filled. In fact with only a month to go there are some people already starting to panic at the prospect of a major shortage of junior doctors on the wards.

Remedy have revealed some rather worrying statistics that have come to light as a result of a leaked DoH document. You can have a look at the statistics for yourself, there are thousands of empty posts that have yet to be filled. What is going to happen in August is anyone's guess really.

The scandal continues over plans to shut Worthing and Chichester hospitals, several leading consultants are speaking out about the completely antidemocratic nature of the so called 'reconfigurations' that would leave a population of 300,000 without a proper hospital. The complete lack of an attempt to properly consult has been obvious all the way along this road of railroaded reform. The government is lying and lying in trying to cut costs by centralising services and shutting good specialist units, it makes me fume and the consultants seem pretty convinced that it is not in the interests of their patients.

Alan Johnson has been appointed as the new Secretary of State for Health, and I have absolutely no faith that he will do anything differently to the acursed Hewitt. I am suprised that some people believe that a change from one incompetent idiot to another will have an effect on Labour's antidemocratic reform program. Their e-petition scheme sums up their pathetic attempts to listen, their response to a petition calling for the responsibility for medical training to the Royal Colleges was typically ignorant. What is the point in asking for feedback if you ignore the mass of opinion to come out with exactly the same stupid party line?

I certainly have no faith in the new 'Stalinist big tent' that has been assembled by Gordon 'Stalin' Brown. It is naive to think that the hollow banter coming for Gordon's gaping cakehole is anything but a dishonest sham. Gordon Brown has been instrumental in many of New Labour's woefully thought out top down reforms of the last ten years, I have seen no evidence at all to suggest that there will be any tangible change in direction under his command. We should ignore their chatter and judge these politicians by their actions.

Certainly as regards the NHS, Brown promises to continue the usless reform that has already left the NHS on the verge of a cardiac arrest. More schemes that reduce 'choice' will be used to railroad through more closures and reconfigurations, as good local services are swapped for inefficient low quality private portacabins. Big Gordon is our new Big Brother, the doublespeak of 'choice' will unfortunately continue.

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