Thursday, 13 December 2007

BMA drop an absolute clanger

One would have thought that following the BMA's negligent role in the MTAS affair of 2007, that they may have learnt something from the episode; unfortunately for junior doctors is Scotland it appears not. It turns out that the BMA's Scottish Junior Doctors Committee is backing run through training, despite it being against the wishes of the majority of its members.

In medicine for example, posts at the level of ST1 will be run through posts, as in MTAS 2007. This means that only Foundation doctors and non medical trainees will be able to apply for these run through posts, all other medical trainees will be deemed 'too experienced' to apply. The 'lost tribe' are being frozen out as these run through posts are not available for open competition.

The uncoupling of posts as suggested by the Tooke review is not something that the Scottish JDC appears to agree with. However around 66% of people disagree with the JDC on this, with only 22% agreeing; that's a ratio of 3:1 in favour of uncoupling. This majority of people must be delighted with the BMA's representative role here.

Another great achievement for the BMA, they really must be proud of themselves.


Sam said...

The latest MMC announcement says that there will be no limit on experience as was in 2007 so more experienced doctors wishing to change speciality will be competing with F2 doctors. The problem here of course is that the number of posts at ST1 is only 5800, not anywhere near enough for 5000 F2s + ? number of the 14000 who were left out in 2007 + ? EUs who will apply this year. This year will be a disaster if training posts, at all levels, are not increased.

Garth Marenghi said...

my word, a bigger disaster is looming.