Monday, 3 December 2007

BMA shoots itself in the foot

The BMA's rather strange decision not to allow the publication of an advert for Remedy Uk appears to have backfired somewhat. It does call into question the editorial 'independence' of the BMJ, if the BMA has the power to ban such items. The Remedy advert can be read in full here. As Remedy right point out, the BMA is making some rather unsubstantiated claims at the moment:

Dr Ram Moorthy, Chair of the BMA JDC, quoted in Hospital Doctor today, says:- “If you look at what both organisations want, there's actually not muchdifference

I judge people and organisations by their actions, and given the contrasting actions of the BMA and Remedy on issues such as MTAS, I fail to see how anyone can claim that both organisations want the same things. In fact the BMJ appears to be ignoring its own words, as in the BMJPG's policy is the following:

"The BMJPG believes in competition and is against protectionism, and it will accept advertisements from competitors even if they refuse ours."

It doesn't look like it - BMJ, BMA or whatever you choose to call yourselves. The BMA appear to be a little bit scared because they may actually be forced to represent the views of their members for once, not the just views of their committee dwelling politicos. Whatever the reasons for their decisions, it seems that the BMA is running scared, when instead it really should be looking at itself very hard in the mirror. The BMA should listen to its members and try to represent them, rather than trying to obstruct others who are trying to make a bit of progress for the doctors they represent.

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. said...

I suggest all doctors resign from the BMA immediately.

Can I ask the BMJ Review when they are going to publish the piece PRHO On the Titanic which they paid for and promised to publish but didn't. That was in 2000. It is now 2007.

Dr Rita Pal