Thursday, 22 October 2009

The BNP sideshow - corrupt politics fuels the rise of the far right

The news headlines will be dominated by talk of Nick Griffin of the BNP appearing on the BBC's Question Time program tonight. Whatever one thinks of the BNP, they are a political party and they have a right to their views as long as they are within the law of the land, therefore the logic of various 'anti-fascist' groups appears sadly lacking to me. It has always been apparent that the far right and the far left often end up resembling each other, the BNP and the anti-fascist groups could both do with a good long hard look at themselves in the mirror.

Anyway I digress, the point I intended to make was that the BNP have become more successful in recent years for one reason and one reason only, and in my opinion it is nothing to do with the BNP's policies or approach. The reason for their rise is the complete and utter failure of all our major political parties to represent the interests of the general public. The majority of people in this country have become completely disillusioned with politics and this means that a small number of idiots have shown their disillusionment and frustration by voting for the BNP.

Only just over 60% of people voted at the last General Election. There is just so little choice for voters. There is nothing to choose between the major parties is virtually all the key policy areas. For example as regards health, all the major parties want to continue privatising the NHS, they all want to continue to waste billions in continuing the same deeply flawed market based reforms. There is no democracy, the vote that previous generations fought so hard for has come to mean nothing, our political system is corrupt and the far right will continue to prosper until the mainstream politicians start to mend their ways.

There is very little sign that our political masters will remedy this situation anytime soon though. Gordon Brown has signed us up for the Lisbon treaty despite promising in the Labour manifesto that there would definitely be a referendum on this issue. More and more power is being surrendered to the corrupt and unaccountable bureaucracies of Brussels, this is yet more fuel to the fire of resentment and frustration that is felt by a large percentage of the electorate. The spotlight should be on the way in which our current political parties are representing their own vested interests and not the interests of the electorate, not the bigoted BNP.

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