Saturday, 10 October 2009

Hospitals will go bust, the cultural revolution goes on

The way the NHS works is never simple, in fact in gets more and more complicated every year as the layers of bureaucracy and management exponentially proliferate. The current financial crisis means that NHS funding is being cut. PCTs are therefore having to cut budgets.

As a result of being forced to comply with various expensive and wasteful top down initiatives such as PBC, Choose and Book, ISCTs and other forms of privatisation, the PCTs have less money for all our local hospitals. PCTs have also massively expanded their own staff which has further reduced the amount of money that trickles through to the frontline providers of NHS care.

So funding cuts, useless stupid reforms and bureaucratic inefficiencies are all resulting in massive funding cuts to hospitals. Unfortunately demand increases as medicine advances and our elderly population expands. This means that all around the UK PCTs are starting to refuse to pay hospitals to treat patients, they have no more money, the market has completely failed.

This market failure demonstrates just how stupid the government's market based approach has been. The patients who need treatment will not go away, there will be two potential outcomes to this disaster. Either hospitals will simply have to cancel all elective non emergency work as they are not being paid for it, or hospitals will have to go under financially. This is happening as I write up and down the UK.

It is a no win situation for the hospitals, the aim from the government has been to force hospitals under in order to ship yet more work out to overpaid private providers; the government will claim it is down to the hospital's inefficiency, this is a lie, if you stop paying anyone fairly they will go bust. Just to think we are paying more in tax in order to subsidise this 'cultural revolution' of change that is destroying our NHS. Thanks Gordon, it's just sad that big Dave will continue the mayhem while the Liberal Democrats don't seem to mind either.


Nurse Anne ( militant medical nurse) said...

I see it happening now. We are going under. No frontline staff and no resources. The few frontline staff we have are busting their asses trying to cope, only to get visciously abused by an ignorant general public who has no idea what is going on and who to blame.

They see the front line staff as the enemy and part of the evil system rather than individuals and fellow victims. I have blogged a lot but even I have not gone as far as to have described just how bad things really are. Much of what I write is "sugar-coated".

PCT's are proof that satan does indeed walk the earth among us.

Anonymous said...

I work in an NHS department where half the staff sit & do nothing for long periods, even when the department is busy. The department requires high skill levels so its an expensisve department to run. In short we are over staffed by staff who get paid quite a lot for the amount of work they actually do. I feel really bad for Nurse Anne who busts her ass all day. The department is managed poorly by people who have consistenly failed to demonstrate any management skills, but who are judged competant by NHS managers. managers who couldn't manage their way out of a brown paper bag.