Sunday, 9 October 2011

#Blockthebill and corrupt media

A mass protest is currently taking place on Westminster Bridge in London.  UKUncut has organised this protest against the corrupt and dishonest health Bill that is currently being railroaded through by the coalition government. 

The reasons for this protest are the same old reasons that we all have in opposing this dreadful destructive piece of legislation.  The public and the NHS staff are united against this Bill.  The worst thing about it is that the government have no mandate for the Bill, they promised they would protect the NHS, much like New Labour did before them, they have since gone back on their word and have set about dismantling and privatising our national health service.

The worst thing about all this is the way in which the mainstream media are yet again showing us their true colours.  Generally very few in the media have actually explained what the Bill means, maybe some of them don't understand it, it is also clear that some do not want to cover this issue objectively.

Today the media's lack of objectivity has yet again been demonstrated.  The BBC and SkyNews seem to be trying to ignore the blockade of the bridge, they prefer to concentrate on Paul McCartney's latest wedding, how very very tedious and what a sad indictment of their priorities.  At least the Guardian is making a proper effort to cover things.  I suspect the Channel 4 news will yet again show the BBC up with some far superior coverage of events tonight.

Thousands protesting about corrupt dishonest government health reform should be making the top headlines, it's a great shame that the media seem to be helping the government out with their policy of brushing the public's protests under the carpet.  It is sad that our so called democracy has been reduced to this.  If this Bill manages to get through the Lords it will truly be a very sad day indeed for this country.

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