Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Corrupt Bill edges through Lords

So as expected the Health Bill has won two crucial votes in the House of Lords today.  One would think that large numbers of those voting in the Lords would be objective and making a decision based on the evidence.  Unfortunately this is not the case, this Mirror piece today makes it rather clear that large numbers of Lords have rather significant conflicts of interest in this regard.

The BBC has reported things in their typically pro-government manner, interesting to see their question at the end of the article 'should doctors be given more financial power?', insinuating that the Bill puts power in the hands of doctors which is a great piece of spin.  Certainly some doctors will have some power in commissioning in the brave new NHS, however to pretend that the government won't be overseeing the new corrupt tendering process by favouring its friends in the corporate health care world is extremely naive.

Lansley is a lying corrupt toad and this government stinks for the way in which it is forcing through this dishonest disgrace of a piece of destructive policy.  The Bill does nothing other than privatise the NHS, it will introduce a new pseudo-market that will allow the government's friends in big business to profit from the easy health care work, while local NHS services and emergency care will be undermined and shafted.  Bevan is remembered as a great, Lansley will be remembered as the very opposite of great.

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