Friday, 18 November 2011

The GMC: a totalitarian regime?

Much bad in medicine in recent years has been allowed to happen because those in the positions of medical power have been looking out for themselves rather than the interests of doctors, the NHS and patients in general.  It is also true that much progress is stifled because certain vested interests at the top of politics, medicine and medical politics just wanted to serve themselves and will do anything to keep hold of the power they currently have.

"It is like a totalitarian regime: anybody who criticises it is said to be mentally ill - what used to happen in Russia."

These are the words of a high court judge and he was describing the GMC.  Classic signs of a totalitarian regime is its complete inability to react sensibly to criticism, rather than listening and acting to improve things, a totalitarian regime will silence any criticism at any cost, it will brutally throw around its power and ignore due process in trying to bully its own way.

Another thing that is true of totalitarian regimes is there complete inability to take a joke, they will react violently and aggressively to satire or humour when it is directed at them.  Anyone who is a regular in the medical blogosphere will have read the amusing, intelligent and sometimes overly offensive Dr Rant.  There are rumours concerning Dr Rant and the subject of this piece.  Certain fights are rather unwise as they will attract one hell of a lot of unwanted attention and I suspect this may be one of them.


Jobbing Doctor said...

This is strange. I see Dr Grumble has also fallen silent...
You and me next, Garth.

Sam said...

Why all this fear?! Dr G didn't like losing his gadget and was not terribly active lately anyway so he stopped. Nothing wrong with wanting a little rest after years of blogging and he did it before and returned after a while. But I hope he now takes a little time to comment here or at JD's to put minds at ease.

Anonymous said...

How cowardly of you

Pal v GMC 2004

Read it and understand why the GMC has now positioned itself to sink all bloggers.

Rita Pal

Anonymous said...

So tempting to quote your positive comments on the GMC some years ago. Amazing how times change when you are all under attack


Sam said...

Nobody is under attack from the GMC Dr Pal. Definately not Dr Grumble or the ferret here, as well as all the other remaining medics par one. Because although they expose matters they believe need attention then debate, they never use personal insults, offence, or aim to belittle.

And you know, even that 'par one' medic comes up with issues worthy of exposing and debating many a time too ... then at other times ... it's a pity!

Anonymous said...

Sam - the worst thing about doctors in this country is their poor attention to detail. As some of the most intelligent people in the UK, they are often incredibly thick about what is happening around them.

As for being under attack - are you sure about that . I believe Dr Rant's contributors are allegedly at the GMC etc.

As for defending yourselves. You are absolutely right. There is no reason why my assistance is required after all you have all sunk the profession into the pit you created. Revalidation will get most of you - you don't have to believe me, you just have to live through it.

As for the GMC - since 2004 they have been creating a system where there is no challenge - not until it is too late anyway.

So, take it from someone who has read all the documents, and understood its repercussions. Things are not looking good. So carry on your debates - they are mostly fruitless and ineffective. It is because of this lethargy that the profession is in this state.

Lastly, if you don't appreciate my direct remarks, thats fine. In the end, while you guys are busy knitting on DNUK - the rest of the authorities are busy streamlining all of you. Is it time to wake up - it maybe but by the time you do, it may just be too late.

Rita Pal

PS As for Garth - he had no respect for those who were previously attacked by the GMC and survived it. Now that he knows the GMC are looking at his friends, he is screaming free speech, quoting my case on the totalitarian regime but failing to cite the case. Why is that? Is it because none of you can stand by your colleagues - nor do you know how to stand by your colleagues properly.We can see this by this laid back prim debating attitude while your mates are actually in trouble.

Sam said...

Standing by the GMC and it's rules of conduct for their professionals is not a sin Dr Pal, it is what doctors should always strive to do throughout their professional lives and beyond. Only when the GMC acts outside it's scope or gets it wrong should doctors, and indeed the public if aware, object

With regards to your case, although I am not aware of the details, and no one will ever feel it like you do, I sincerely hope that you would move on. An intelligent and very young person like yoursel has the whole world and her whole future in front of her not behind, let that behind be behind Rita

BTW, I am not a doctor myself, but the medical blogosphere did make a difference on many, many occasions. To name but a few; MTAS, the Scot Junior case, many public health and policy issues, and now the debate on the current HSCB. On this one, I think the medical blogosphere played a role until the government stopped, listened and is now fixing before implementation.

Debate does get results, when it's done proper; with courtsey, respect, good manner ... plus professionalism by those who are.

Best regards

Anonymous said...


"An intelligent and very young person like yoursel has the whole world and her whole future in front of her not behind, let that behind be behind Rita"

What makes you believe I have not moved on? I believe your comments are rather pretentious,judgmental and shows a concerted failure to understand basics. I shall outline them for you

1. The Shipman Inquiry severely criticised the GMC;s procedures. The follow up this year was not any better

2. Isobel Allen severely criticised the GMC.

3. Appeals against the GMC are being one - Khan v GMC, Shamisan v GMC. Do you know of these? Have you any idea how minor issues ruined these doctors' lives. No you don't.

4. Revalidation is coming. "Professionalism" has nothing to do with and is not relevant to the current case law. Whether you like it or not R v GMC Ex Parte Pal is case law. This means the GMC uses it against other doctors. It justifies its wide undefined range of misconduct to unfairly investigate others.

Lastly, I am a Medical Journalist these days and happier for it. I did Judicially review the GMC, not for me but because I believed that other doctors deserved better standards from its regulatory body. My comments prior to yours were to ask many medical colleagues to stop being blind to the GMC's abuses to doctors. Not me, because quite frankly, I don't actually give a damn about your judgments or anyone elses for that matter. What I do give a damn about is the fact that many vulnerable doctors are being hurt by the GMC - and are unable to recover. If nothing is done about it now - it will worsen.

Revalidation is coming

1. We have a civil standard at the GMC
2. Professional misconduct has moved to misconduct and is undefined and left to the subjective judgment of a minion
3. The complaints taken up by the GMC is hiking up.
4. Complaints can be made anonymously.
5. Complaints can be investigated under Rule 4 without informing the doctor but it will affect their employability.

Lastly, I understand and have probably the best knowledge of the GMC. I know this because the cases I help on go onto win. It is entirely up to you to have your rather judgmental narrow minded view of whether I have moved on or not.

I am not here posting because I have not moved on. I am here posting because I know the dangers ahead. I also know that many in the medical profession walk around like zombies - oblivious to what is in front of them. They refuse to read, they refuse to understand the GMC and they refuse to believe the GMC can be unfair.

Best Wishes

Rita Pal

PS I believe you should move on from your tunnel vision and broaden your knowledge and your mind. You might find it useful.

Sam said...

Will try, and apologies as I did not mean to be judgemental, quite the opposit actually. But as you say, I need to move on from my tunnel vision, I tell you what doctor, it's quite croweded in that tunnel aI believe your comments are rather pretentious,judgmental and shows a concerted failure to understand basics., so best leave it at that.

Sam said...

Will try, and apologies as I did not mean to be judgemental, quite the opposit actually. But as you say, I need to move on from my tunnel vision, I tell you what doctor, it's quite croweded in that tunnel at the moment so best leave it at that.

No idea how the past comment got muddled with some of your comment like that!! Please ignore as this one here is what I meant to say [and actually wrote the last time too!!]

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