Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Dr Rant rises above the storm

Dr Rant is back and has had some fairly interesting things to say on recent events:

"For Christ's sake people! GP commissioning is being taken off GPs and given to private companies to do the rationing, right under out noses!! This policy isn't even a 'Tory' policy - it's just plain fucking evil."

This is a very good point.  Petty niggling in the playground should be left precisely where it started, in the playground.

At the moment the current regime is forcing through the most destructive health care reforms ever seen in this country.  The government have lied in doing this and continue to do so, they are privatising the service and not admitting it.  We need to focus on the big issues and the biggest of the lot is the government's negligent white paper of doom.  

The one body that have been putting all their weight into the fight are the NHSCA, the NHS Consultants Association and I thoroughly commend all they continue to do.  If the BMA had used its weight as effectively then the paper may have been sunk by now, alas they have not.  There is still hope, although it is fading and I pray it is not too late to sink this fat corrupt duck.


Anonymous said...

So - all silent on the western front.



jacky said...

Dear Dr Rant - as Co chair of the NHS Consultants Association I find your comments incredibly insightful and profound. If you are not a member I think we should extend an invitation to you to become one and join us in the fight

yours in solidarity against the vandals at the DoH

Jacky (Davis)