Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Someone doth protest too much?

The ferretfancier does not wish to defame or incite hatred.  Obviously there has been a bit of medical storm brewing in the last few days and I only think it right that my readers are pointed in the direction of the information so that they can make their own minds up.

Dr Zorro and Dr No have some rather interesting tales to tell.  Una Coales has her side of the story.

Dr No's eloquent and logical rebuttal of Una Coales' allegations against him in his comments section is particularly key in my opinion.  It cuts like a knife through soggy butter.

One can often tell where the truth lies by looking at the nature of the debate, by analysing the little details, by looking for small inconsistencies and contradictions.  I sense someone doth protest too much and perhaps this gives the game away?


Anonymous said...

Can someone ask UC to edit her post. Brevity is important. Never read so much hot air in one go.

Worrying that she doesn't know how to do link insertion. Painful to see the poor design on her blog.


Anonymous said...

The world's been more than a bit unfair to Dr Coales today. She's a decent doctor and trying to do some good for her colleagues. We need to encourage her to do this well.

This cybertraffic about her needs to calm down, to let her get on with her life and plans for the future. It's generating more heat than light.

People are getting hurt and there's a danger of damage to Dr Coales and collateral damage to others.

Anonymous said...

UC, as ye sow so shall ye reap.

Anonymous said...

Dear Garth

I understand we have had our disagreements but overall, you normally do a great job. I have struggled with UC's diatribe. I find it unstructured, in parts illogical and her admissions are really quite worrying.

I would be grateful if you or any other medical blogger would offer a summary translation of the vogon language used by UC. I keep reading it repeatedly to join up the dots but have failed.

Hopefully a hero like yourself will be able to offer me some guidance.


Rita Pal

Anonymous said...

How to link to other blogsites - a Directive for Una Coales.

I find it worrying that a senior doctor cannot use the "insert link" directions. If these basic tasks cannot be done, I often wonder how more complex issues are dealt with.

I have therefore provided the link

I hope that is helpful to all those associates of UC or UC. May I also suggest that she reads the Help Centre of Blogger before putting pen to paper.


Rita Pal

Anonymous said...


Thanks, I must return the complement and say that you do say some very sensible things and hit the nail on head more often than not.

On this issue, I think it is obvious where the truth lies, one just has to look carefully at the different sides of the story.

I do not want to get embroiled but if people want to dig themselves holes,

then it needs to be remarked upon!


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Anonymous said...

Garth baby

Read this and laugh http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2206569/Dr-Una-Coales-Dont-act-gay-senior-GP-tells-trainee-doctors--youre-Asian-try-sound-Welsh-Scottish.html