Friday, 20 January 2012

Lansleys lies some more

So Lansley is now claiming that nurses' and doctors' unions are opposing the health bill because of pay and pensions, what an illogical and incoherent view from this cockroach of a man.

The pension reform is part of the package that is the whole scale privatisation of the NHS, the white paper and the pension reform are all part of this antidemocratic privatisation campaign. 
The pension looting is a quite deliberate part of this privatisation, as private firms will not take staff on if they have decent pensions.

We are against the NHS and what is stands for being destroyed, we are against patient care going down the toilet, and privatisation will do both of these things, and this privatisation is being catalysed by the white paper and the pension reform.

If a doctor had lied and lied in order to privatise the NHS in such fashion there would be a good case to strike them off for their rank dishonestly and lack of integrity.  Sadly this kind of malignant weasel-like behaviour has become standard for all politicians of all three major parties who have joined in the NHS privatisation in recent years.

The public do not want it, doctors do not want it, nurses do not want it, only Lansley and a few rich people with vested interests want the NHS sold off and it is quite disgraceful.  While Bevan is remembered fondly, Lansley will be remembered in quite the opposite manner and this will be thoroughly deserved. 

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