Tuesday, 8 April 2008

The modernising NHS

Through the eyes of a junior doctor,
progress can sometimes seem a very funny thing.

We are more competent,
but we are less experienced and less skilled.

We are more valued,
but we are less well paid and more expendable.

We work less hours,
but the inane paperwork makes up for the lack of practical experience as if by magic.

Training is better than ever,
but even students are not spared the dumbing down and over-emphasis on soft educationalism.

The government is taking responsility for training,
by telling trainees to train themselves and pay for it too.

We are optimistic for the future,
but in reality we have no job security and morale is at an all time low.

Patients are safer than ever before,
but the under trained are empowered and the medically trained harder to find.

Training standards are pushed to higher and higher,
but the proper training and qualifications are no longer needed for jobs of great responsibility.

The NHS is better than ever before,
but its harder to see an appropriately trained doctor than it used to be.

Sir John Tooke's review is provisionally great,
but the government are going to ignore it all and brush it under their bulging carpet.

Selling off the public services will be great for the economy and the service provided,
just as it has been with the Royal Mail and the railways.

Gordon and Sir Ara have our best interests at heart,
corporatising and dumbing down health care so that it can be privatised will be good for us all.

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Jobbing Doctor said...

Excellent. Excellent. Short, but with so much truth.