Sunday, 20 April 2008

My heart bleeds Mr Bully-imic

The lovely politician John Prescott has long been known to be a fat bastard, he has now revealed that his is also a bulimic, and strangely this amazing revelation comes as he releases his inspiring autobiography 'Pulling No Punches', what a coincidence.

It is rather ridiculous in my opinion that the most corrupt and malignant politicians expect us to show them sympathy when they come out as suffering from mental illness, in a way they are trying to hide behind the politically correct shield of 'mental illness'. It reminds me of Alastair Campbell coming out as a depressive, when he expected massive sympathy for his woes.

It is the likes of David Kelly that deserve our sympathy, not Campbell and Prescott. Do vindictive, dishonest, cruel, corrupt and selfish individuals merit sympathy from the public when they choose to come out as the sufferers of mental illness, even if we assume that their claims are entirely honest and well motivated? I think not.

I have about as much sympathy for the likes of Prescott and Campbell as I would for Adolf Hitler if I found out that he was suffering from manic depression during his last days. As humans we are defined by our actions, not our hollow words, and in some cases corrupt and dishonest actions can have knock on effects on one's mental health. If these people had considered other people in their lives a bit more and if they had acted more morally throughout their careers then I would have sympathy for them, as it is I struggle to have any sympathy at all for their ilk. My heart will not bleed a drop for the fat bulimic New Labour bully.


The Welsh Pharmacist said...

Well said, gentlemen.

Fx said...

Sad, really, that I feel no sympathy for Prescott ... the immediate thought that came to mind while listening to the news was that the Romans used to make themselves vomit so that they could eat more - even had a little room for the purpose: a vomitorium.

Plus ca change ...