Sunday, 6 April 2008

Gordon's spendthrift nation

The short termist policy that has been employed so negligently by Gordon Brown from his early days in office right until the present day are like a ticking time bomb, it is only a matter of time before the monumental explosion occurs.

There are very few areas in the public services in which assets have not been mortgaged up to the hilt in a tragically stupid and short sighted manner. NHS Trusts up and down the country are being financially crippled by having to service ridiculously expensive PFI deals. Valuable buildings and land have been sold off at cut price rates, as public services have moved to cheaper areas for short term gains. Our pension funds have been negligently raided by the irresponsible supreme leader Gordon Brown.

We have already seen the impact of the global credit crunch caused by irresponsible work in the sub prime mortgage market. Gordon Brown is recklessly ignoring repeated warnings about the state of the UK economy as this spendthrift policy continues; when the time bomb explodes Gordon will not be able to deny that he was warned, he has been warned time and time again.

Politicians like Gordon Brown need to face up to reality. It would indeed be very nice if we could have everything we wanted all the time, but life isn't like that, and by trying to provide more than we can practically afford Gordon is sacrificing our future security for this short termist slash and burn. Gordon is pawning the TV to buy another bag of smack. Gordon is one selfish power hungry gawping fatty who is happy to risk all of our futures for his own short termist political success. I wouldn't look so happy if I were you Gordon, your time is almost up.

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