Monday, 31 March 2008

Lazy all round

I stumbled upon this piece by Dr Crippen that drew my attention to a certain fat lazy male nurse, who has been having a pop at me on his blog:

"The usual nurse bashers have had a dig, Dr Crippen, Ferret Fancier, and the usual bollocks is spouted about quacktitioners. It amazes me that both of them seem to think that this a good excuse to have a pop at nurses again."

If fat lazy male nurse had ever bothered to read my articles in full then he would realise that I do not have pops at nurses. What I do feel obliged to do is point out the dangerous dumbing down of standards that is currently occurring in the NHS. In my article to which fat lazy male nurse was referring I explicitly stated:

"The worker drones are not the ones to be blamed in cases like Dr Gray's, it is those who empower them beyond their means that need to be held accountable."

Thus when he says I am having a pop at nurses, he is well wide of the mark, in fact I am having a pop at those such as Dr Gray who should know better than to empower people beyond their limited means. Dr Crippen's response does outline the flaws in this empowerment rather well, as without proper the proper education and training these staff do not have sufficient insight to see the dangers of their ways.

In fact if fat lazy male nurse has some time on his hands, I suggest that he read this piece I wrote recently on the dumbing down process. If he bothered to read this properly then he would not accuse me of nurse bashing, as I made it very clear that I am not criticising the staff who are being empowered beyond their means. The dumbing down process is all part of the government's ideological reform agenda, it's about cutting corners to cut costs, as professional standards are eroded in order to privatise the NHS.

The fault lies with the government for forcing through this shabby agenda, and with the senior medical staff who have engaged in the process for personal gain in the form of honours and career advancement. I do not blame those on the ground, whether they be the HCA who is left to do the job of a fully trained nurse, the nurse practitioner who is left to do the job of a GP unsupervised at a Walk in Centre, or a GPwSI who is left to do the job of a fully trained specialist consultant. It is simply not fair to criticise people for pointing out that this dumbing down is going on, and this dumbing down is certainly not fair on the unsuspecting patients.

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