Monday, 3 March 2008

Ben 'bullsh*t' Bradshaw

Hospital parking fees have been introduced for staff and visitors alike over recent years, by a government that has no sense of what is reasonable or what is fair. I, for one, have to pay a not insignificant fee for the privilege of parking where I work, oh, what a joy it is to work for an employer that treats you like dirt. In Wales parking has been made free across the board.

Ben Bradshaw, the slimy Labour grease ball that he is, tried to defend the fact that staff and patients in the English NHS still have to pay fairly hefty fees to park at hospitals around the country. He claimed that if parking were free, then it would be subsidised at the expense of patient care. I think the thick Bradshaw might like to know that parking has been free for many many years before his sick government introduced this stealth tax as a way of subsidising patient care, people are in effect paying twice, as they pay for the NHS and they now have to pay to park at their local NHS hospital. Bradshaw's logic is the stuff of a decapitated limpet, so fairly standard for the Department of Health then.

It is Labour that forced NHS trusts into a corner, from which they were forced to start introducing parking fees, it was Labour's top down centralised control freakery that forced trusts to balance their books in this short termist and foolish manner. In Labour's mind a hospital that sold off all its assets and land but made a profit would be seen as a success story, even if it could treat no patients.

What next? Will Ben Bradshaw be defending NHS charges for the air we breath whilst on NHS premises? Surely they will then have to continue charging for the air we breath, otherwise patient services will be affected. Great logic Ben, you putrid Department of Health fistula to the outside world.


Fx said...

Couldn't agree more - although in a slightly more refined turn of phrase. Parking at hospitals in Scotland is still free.

Henry North London said...

really? Is that a new thing I remember paying to park at Ninewells