Sunday, 23 March 2008

Saving money and confused logic

If one choose to believe the DoH's propaganda releases, then the NHS IT scheme is simply a brilliantly organised wonder that is saving us millions, however if one takes a few seconds to look into the details of the claims then they begin to look rather absurd. For example Health Minister Ben Bradshaw said:

"Our use of computer technology in the NHS is becoming the envy of the world. It is saving lives, saving time and saving money. If you talk to health and IT experts anywhere in the world they point to Britain as example of computer technology being used successfully to improve health services to the public."

While Chief Executive of the NHS David Nicholson said:

"This report shows that we've made really solid progress against delivering an integrated IT system for the NHS, which is not only making us more efficient, but is helping our clinicians and staff deliver better, safer services for patients."

Scratching beneath the surface, it becomes rather obvious that the NPfIT has cost a hell of a lot of money, and that this multi-billion pound figure will only continue to rise above the current 12 billion estimate:

"The overall cost of the National Programme for IT in the NHS is estimated to be £12.4 billion by 2012, of which £2.4 billion had been spent by 31 March 2007, including £1,290 million payments to suppliers. Contracts entered into with these suppliers have provided unprecedented value to the taxpayer by ensuring that the cost of any delays in delivery by suppliers is carried by them. Similarly, payment only happens when the systems are in place and working."

The DoH reckons that this scheme that will cost over 12 billion may save us just over a billion pounds by 2014:

"The new IT systems in the NHS are on course to deliver better care and an estimated £1.14 billion in savings by 2014, according to the first annual Benefits Statement published by the Government."

How on earth can this be seen to be good value for money? Twelve minus one is eleven, meaning that the NPfIT will have cost the tax payer eleven billion pounds by 2014, it will not have saved the tax payer a penny. Computer Weekly have already revealed that Tony Blair recklessly rushed the NHS IT scheme against the interests of the general public, simply so that he could profit politically in the short term from this grandiose delusional scheme.

The DoH is dishonestly abusing the english language in covering up its own crass incompetence, and this incompetence extends upwards all the way to our corrupt dictators in Labour HQ. It is more than a little worrying that these idiots who are running our country cannot own up to their mistakes when they make them, as they would prefer to pretend that their mistakes represent brilliance; this means that lessons are not learnt and that the incompetence is allowed to proliferate. The billions will continue to smoulder.

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