Wednesday, 26 March 2008

What a money making idea!

The brilliance of the NHS is there for all to be seen. Behold the fact that PCTs are hoarding cash up and down the country, for example in the north west a surplus of 230 million pounds is being stashed while some hospitals are being forced to borrow money to pay wages, this is the genius of the multiple layers of bureaucracy that the NHS possesses.

Similar things are happening elsewhere, as PCTs build up surpluses of unspent cash while the frontline service providers are starved of their fuel. This means that an overall NHS surplus is developing while more and more standard treatments are withheld by PCTs. The inguinal hernia repair is just one example of an effective treatment that is being rationed in my PCT. The end result is that patients suffer while PCTs wallow in their bath tubs full of smug notes.

How about the NHS stopped treating any patients at all, this would then mean that it could make a 75 billion pound surplus, or profit, every year; that's what I call a great idea. It couldn't be that the best type of NHS would spend all of its money effectively providing patients with a valuable service, rather than wasting lots of money on various complicated layers of Kafkaesque bureaucracy that would rather hoard money than treat patients? No, that would be far too sensible and efficient.

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