Saturday, 22 September 2007

Labour limbo - new depths scaled

Just when it seemed that New Labour could get no sleazier, they have sunk lower than ever before as Dr Ray reports here. The cynics amongst us already knew that Prof Sir Darzi was yet another New Labour stooge dressed up in the clothes of an objective neutral, Dr Ray's observations prove that the consultation on NHS reform is nothing more than a corrupt dishonest scam:

"The location of the meeting was kept secret until three days before the event and when this consultant was eventually told the location and turned up in Birmingham for the "Citizens Jury" it turned out that medical staff were outnumbered 2:1 by laypeople specifically chosen by an agency to attend the event. The media were present and had obviously been invited to publicise the event."

Not only were NHS staff prevented from attending, but there were 'minders' present to advise those members of the public (that did conveniently manage to get invitations- were they on a Labour party mailing list I wonder?) precisely how to vote, a mysterious 75 pounds was also strangely donated to the New Labour 'yes' men, of course this could not be construed as a bribe:

"Following the "consultation" the medical delegates were told to leave but the other 2/3 of the audience were kept back and each given an envelope. My colleague was intrigued by this and managed to catch one of the "chosen ones" and ask about the contents. Each envelope contained £75 in cash!"

Dr Rant and DK have followed up on Dr Ray's excellent undercover work. This is the kind of behaviour from the state that one would expect to hear of in a country run by a vicious dictatorship, this should not be acceptable in modern day Britain. Sadly it is rapidly becoming the norm as our country slowly begins to resemble a banana republic. The Darzi review is a dishonest sham, it is designed to force through more cost cutting dumbing down reform that will result in the closure of many excellent specialist medical services up and down the country.

Patients will die from this dishonesty. I hope Gordon Brown and Sir Ara are happy with their achievements thus far.

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