Friday, 28 September 2007

MTAS- frankly DoH your suggestions stink

Several organisations have fed back their views on the MMC board's proposals for the medical application process for 2008. It seems that there is a recurring theme in all the following responses from the BMA, Remedy Uk and Fidelio: it appears that the suggestions for MTAS 2008 offered by the government were to put it plainly, rubbish.

It appears that the vast majority of people want to revert to the old tried and tested process that was used before 2007, and that they want local applications and short listing with smaller units of application. I think that quite a few of us have been saying this for a very long time.

It was embarrassing that the MMC board's suggestions were so leading and stilted that it gave no opportunity for the process to be completely discarded, a complete scrapping of the MTAS process would seem sensible and could not be seen as 'throwing the baby out with the bath water', as there is nothing other than dirty water in the bath.

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Sam said...

The root of the problem for this years' debacle also need to be addressed and tackled. The Tooke review will be published tommorrow and I, for one, will not find its findings surprising because it will be something that I have been saying since day one.