Saturday, 1 September 2007

Will these idiots ever learn?

It has been revealed that the rather brain dead idiots who dreamt up the woefully inadequate selection process for junior doctors called MTAS want to carry on next year with more of the same brand of politically correct nonsense. The Herald has got hold of a leaked email that reveals just how these morons 'think':

"I expect the absence of a CV to stimulate some heat. I should emphasise that this decision was not an NES one and representations are being made. The justification for this is that it is not possible to anonymise a CV while the generic form has different sections that make this easy."

(Dr Colin Semple, associate postgraduate dean of NHS Education for Scotland (NES) in the west of Scotland, admits in his e-mail that using this system again will prove contentious.)

It seems that some people will never learn their lesson, they should be put out of their misery as they appear destined to never obtain even the smallest quotient of common sense. Colin Semple and his ilk are the kind of moron that have been behind the original MTAS disaster, where standard tried and tested processes were replaced by pscyhobabbling bull of the highest order. Does this breed of politico-educationalist not realise that they are going to sleep walk into another disaster unless they take a long hard look at their own self serving incompetence?

The likes of Colin Semple can stick their anonymized mumbo jumbo where the sun don't shine. Junior doctors must be selected fairly by a tried and tested process that uses the curriculum vitae, unless they can find a better process and conclusively prove it to be better than the old method in the next few months. I rather suspect that there is not enough time to design, test, validate and approve anything other than the old CV based process before the 2008 repeat.

Meanwhile those juniors who were lucky enough to get jobs are experiencing yet more disorganised chaos as regards their bureaucratic competency based training programs. It seems that a rather large number of trainees are being expected to fill in an excessive number of forms, decipher reams of unintelligible waffle, pay large sums for and organise their own training, work out how to use websites that are not yet ready for action over a month behind schedule while providing a service to patients, attending courses and doing exams at the same time. This is the bizarre, complicated and dysfunctional world of MMC's competency based curriculum. Even the programme directors and educational supervisors have been left in the dark with their trainees, as the powers that be appear to be leading us into another pointless and avoidable dark pit of despair. I seem to remember more than a few people mentioning that MMC was being rushed through far too quickly, how correct they were

It also begs the question, just who is actually in charge of this shambles? When MTAS went so horribly wrong, it seemed that everyone wanted to deny responsibility and shift the blame elsewhere. However now the dust has settled, several organisations appear to be behind this nonsensical march into the MMC quagmire that so obviously lacks a direction and a purpose. This complete lack of responsibility and accountability so typifies the approach adopted by many of the failed reforms in the NHS. In my opinion it is about bloody time that someone was held to account for this whole sorry affair. As seems to be the way with the NHS these days, we are more likely to see shiny brochures spew forth from numerous hapless Quangos as the responsibility is spread across even more incompetents. I am sure the government will continue to chatter more meaningless niceties, while in reality they will be railroading through more of the same from behind closed doors.

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David L. Cox said...

I agree that a number of people ought to be held to account over this shambles; the need is more pressing when one reads the buffoonery spouted by Dr Colin Semple.

Managerial incompetence, obfuscation and avoidance of responsibilities, both professional and moral, while taking the benefits of position appear endemic in the DoH.

There are many that should be held responsible from the CMO downwards. Some of us - mere concerned family members who have seen the effects of this process on the health and happiness of high flying children - still remember the other sycophants and apologists too - Carol Black, now quietly gone from one of her QUANGO posts, but presumably still available to cause further chaos elsewhere in future and James Rubin, the author of the notoriously sickening 'not me guv' letter to the Times! Let them be gone, by the shortest route!

And Colin Semple? Perhaps he can show them the way out!