Saturday, 8 September 2007

Our NHS our future, my derriere Darzi!

The government is most likely trying to shut down health services near you, in a rather cynical attempt to save money by denying patients decent local medical care. A new 'consultation' exercise has begun which will undoubtedly stay true to the government's unique interpretation of the word 'consultation'.

I have set up my own consultation exercise here, so please feel free to add your comments regarding the NHS, its future, Sir Darzi or anything else you feel like commenting on. I will ensure that Sir Darzi is informed of my consultation exercise, it will be imperative that he listens to our voice, however judging on his past record he is more likely to be listening to big Gordon's voice.

I don't want to see the NHS reconfigured in a way that compromises patient care by replacing excellent specialist units at District General Hospitals with dumbed down polyclinics. The government wants to save money by continuing its antidemocratic privatisation program and by cutting services left, right and centre.

This is not good enough. I am fed up to the back teeth with our tax payer's cash being spent on endless disingenuous consultation exercises in which public opinion is ignored time and time again. I want to see less money wasted on targets, spin, centralised control freakery, the internal market and propaganda. I want to see more money going on front line services so that patient care can be genuinely improved. This government has become obsessed with spending money pretending to have a good health service, why not spend this money on the front line, then we would actually have a good health service.

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