Sunday, 11 November 2007

Bankrupt Wanless is the Skills Escalator man

Christmas has come early if you previously thought that you had to go to medical school to become a consultant, because thanks to the NHS Skills Escalator anyone can have a crack without any proper qualifications. Their bizarre nonsensical plan has to be seen to be believed. Also have a look at how you can climb the NHS jobs ladder in the easiest possible way without gaining the proper training or qualifications, apparently the fact that a medical degree may be important for the career of physician or surgeon is seemingly brushed under the carpet by these idiots.

'Competence' can be simply self assessed and there appears to be very little restriction on what those with no decent training can have a stab at. Pharmacists and nurses are the most recent staff who have been given jobs well beyond their means, I wonder how long it will be before porters and receptionists are let loose to diagnose and treat minor illness. Where I work the unaccountable management are sometimes keen to give patients wound care advice. Who are the idiots responsible for this handing of power to the ignorant:

"With redesigned roles and competences and greater participation from other non-medical members of the team we will be better equipped to meet the demands of the future." "Skills for Health (SfH) works with employers and other stakeholder to ensure that those working in the health sector are equipped with the right skills to support the development and delivery of healthcare services. SfH are leading on the development of frameworks and standards to define and develop competence and a programme to support workforce and career development. As part of the modernising agenda and New Ways of Working a 9 level Career Framework was developed, describing England’s healthcare workforce by skills and competencies rather than traditional professional boundaries."

Debbie Mellor, Rob Webster and Becca Spavin are the clueless stooges behind this negligent dumbing down agenda. This is the same Debbie Mellor that was largely responsible for the MTAS disaster. And as the Witch Doctor points out, Derek Wanless is the Skills Escalator man:
"The Government –commissioned report into health sector workforce led by Wanless contends that the only way we can plug potential gaps in the system in future will be to work from the bottom up, starting with the patient, then working through Healthcare Assistants through nursing therapists to medical professionals."

Derek Wanless, Debbie Mellor, Rob Webster and Becca Spavin have no understanding of working on the ground in the NHS, their hard brained schemes to empower the untrained are demonstrative of their complete ignorance of what it takes to provide a good standard of clinical care to patients.

This is the same Derek Wanless who has presided over the recent catastrophe as regards Northern Rock, and in the opinion of many experts was significantly to blame for the problems that arose, problems that were eminently foreseeable and preventable if the likes of Derek Wanless did their jobs properly. He is allegedly an expert on finance, so if he can be shown to be so useless in his field of expertise, I really fear for his idiotic plans as regards the NHS Skills Escalator.

It may well be true that someone with no education could do as good a job reviewing the NHS as Sir Derek, however he should not lump us all together in his boat of rank incompetence. Professional boundaries were there for a reason, they were not just there for fun; they were crucial in maintaining high standards of clinical care and in protecting patient safety. The erosion of proper professional boundaries as catalysed by the idiotic Skills Escalator works against the very essence of professionalism, they represent an incoherent amateur approach that threatens to endanger the safety of patients everywhere, as proper education and training are cast aside because they are just too expensive and too much hassle. Wanless and his incoherent plan must be opposed at all costs, otherwise the lunatics will have truly taken over the asylum.


David L. Cox said...

Demonstrable incompetence as seen in the likes of Debbie Mellor and Derek Wanless will continue in the the public sector until the public themselves realise that where competitive edge does not FORCE improvement then application of a strict moral code of acceptance of responsibility must apply.

We see the avoidance of acceptance of such responsibility on all sorts of vague premises in the likes of Sir Ian Blair for example and of course, no more so than Sir Liam Donaldson! Accepting the privelages of high office but not the responsibilities that should also accrue.

Silent vigils are not enough. Loud protests against Donaldson and his ilk,and the incompetents below him are urgently needed.

jayann said...

I think it's a con (a sop to other ranks...). I tested the Career Routefinder, it insisted on telling me* I'd normally need a specialist degree to be a doctor and 3 A Levels to qualify for training as a doctor. (The "Training courses related to your chosen job role" list is crazy, but also simply a blunder.)

I do though agree there should be a protest about it.

(*'me' =HCA, then nurse, then employed outside the NHS)

Mark said...

i am not sure but think it is merely a visual description of the phrase "all animals are equal but some are more equal than others". I think the point is that the sorts of people who make it all up end up on the highest payscale.