Thursday, 15 November 2007

Donaldson and his cronies dissappoint

MMC and MTAS is being investigated by the Commons Health Committee today, all the written evidence can be seen here. It can be viewed via this link if you did not have time to see it live. Remedy Uk is holding a virtual vigil as we speak.

For me watching a few minutes in my lunch break between clinics, I am infuriated by the complete dishonestly and spin shown by Sir Liam Donaldson and his pack of cronies at the Department of Health.

Sir Liam tried to spin the disaster as evidence of how well his team has responded to a crisis, failing to mention that the crisis was largely his fault in the first place. The deputy CMO also tried to spin MTAS as something that a large number of people were happy to see continue without any change, as if it was a noisy minority that wanted things to be stopped.

The amount of times that the DoH cronies had to say "I don't know, I'll have to check that" began to beggar belief, what precisely do these idiots actually do all day at work? Sir Liam agrees with the Tooke report apparently, I hope he agrees with the bits that point out the complete incompetence and lack of leadership shown at the DoH throughout all this.

If I had had time to watch for much longer I would have been tempted to aim my fist at Sir Liam's rotund patronising cheeks staring at me via my computer screen. Heads must roll.

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