Monday, 5 November 2007

New Labour


Advanced Practitioner said...

Now your really getting sad Garth!

Garth Marenghi said...

tell me this,

if you were ill would you rather be seen by a nurse practitioner or a proper medically qualified doctor?

if you were being chased by a gang of youths would you rather see a PCSO or a proper police officer?

if you were being nursed after a major operation would you rather be nursed by a proper nurse or by a health care assistant?

would you rather you son or daughter was taught by a proper trained teacher or by a classroom assistant?

please do tell me

Advanced Practitioner said...

I've met many Gps who I wouldn't let treat my cat if I had one.

I've also met many police officers who are just as arrogant as some doctors and often don't really give a sh*t about catching muggers etc..

Nursing assistants that have more care and common sense in one fingers than some nurses

I've met teachers who I wouldn't let near my children and TAs that are brilliant!

Maybe when you have had more experience in the world and as you mature you may see some things different Garth.

Garth Marenghi said...

It's very easy to quote exceptions to the rule.

It doesn't amount to a logic cohesive argument though.

dreamingspire said...

If I was being chased by a gang of youths I would rather be seen by a PCSO than not be seen by anyone who could influence the outcome or help reduce the risk of the same problem happening again. The PCSO argument is that, for the same size police budget, they increase the presence on the streets and thus reduce the risk that a gang of youths would take the risk of chasing anyone. And, once the chase has started, a single police officer could not stop it.

Garth Marenghi said...

the argument is sh*te

PCSOs are a waste of space

the government has buggered policing a la medicine,

if the policemen weren't so busy trying to fill in paperwork to meet top down central targets, then we wouldn't have such a shortage of them on their beats!

less of the sticky plasters, more of a proper debridement and closure