Monday, 19 November 2007

Blogging pick'n'mix

Frontpoint Systems has been in typically fine analytical form of late. The waste of public cash on procurement, the grave problems with ISTCs, talk of actually basing policies on evidence (not free market ideology) and dangerous plans to franchise primary care are just a few of the recent topics covered comprehensively.

Dr Rant has been ranting away furiously, with some good mocking of the government's needless drive for more 'access'; while a certain mole has thrown some light on a rather topical issue, casting doubt on the so called 'independence' of yet another of HMG's arms length bodies. While the idiocy of practice based commissioning is excellently described.

Dr Grumble tells a sad tale of someone whose career has been mangled by the MMC juggernaut; while I particularly enjoyed the provocative piece on targets and waiting times, something that anyone who works on health policy would do very well to read.

Anyone who wants to know what real story is as regards homeopathy need look to further than Ben Goldacre's damning piece, he really doesn't mince his words and why should he? The homeopathy brigade need to be attacked for their pathetic tactics which threaten to undermine proper scientific progress:

"But when they’re suing people instead of arguing with them, telling people not to take their medical treatments, killing patients, running conferences on HIV fantasies, undermining the public’s understanding of evidence and, crucially, showing absolutely no sign of ever being able to engage in a sensible conversation about the perfectly simple ethical and cultural problems that their practice faces, I think: these people are just morons. I can’t help that: I’m human. The facts are sacred, but my view on them changes from day to day."

Dr Ray has reproduced a brilliant, albeit lengthy, assassination of the Darzi NHS review. Darzi's sham review is deconstructed to reveal the cynical plot that lies beneath the superficial facade.

The courageous Barry Monk, consultant dermatologist, tells a shocking tale of just what tactics those in control of the NHS use to intimidate those who oppose their destructive reform. Any organisation that treats its most valuable and experienced assets like this needs its head testing, it gives an insight into the kind of attitude that is shown towards those who want to fight for the interests of their patients and the general public.

A lot of people are wondering where exactly Dr Crippen has gone? Has the Witch doctor's black cat caught up with him stateside? Watch this space for updates.

I would like to finish by highlighting the disgraceful performance of several DoH employees last week when they presented their 'evidence' (propaganda) to the Commons Health Committee. Sir Liam Donaldson led the way, closely followed by his profligate stooge Martin Marshall in trying to deny any responsibility for the mess of MTAS and MMC. Their explanations defied belief, as they arrogantly referred to the majority of medical opinion as 'noise', while the Douglas review group was portrayed as a voice of pure objective reason. However even they didn't try to argue with Sir John Tooke's review, but Liam Donaldson might need to read it again, as Sir John didn't paint the policy behind MMC is a particularly favourable light. In my humble opinion the incompetent buffoons who designed MMC and MTAS must be held to account for their actions, and they must resign. There is simply no argument that can save their low quality bacon, especially Donaldson's fatty rasher.


David L. Cox said...

Donaldson cannot hope to have any straight-forward dealings with members of the medical profession in future. They will simply keep asking him why he hasn't resigned yet and reminding him of the incompetence MMC and MTAS represent.

He must resign or be fired. Anything short of that will leave his political master, Johnson vulnerable.

Once Johnson realizes that (he ain't particularly quick), Donaldson will be gone in a flash. Pity he hasn't realised this and done the decent thing.

Advanced Practitioner said...

Ferret thank you for doing a mini 'brit med', we all miss Crippen and wonder what has happened to him!
Although we cross swords on certain topics, most of what you write is worthwhile reading.

Garth Marenghi said...

very kind of you, I strangely agree with on a fairly frequent basis, I just prefer to tell you when I disagree!

I hope to see Dr C back in action soon too!