Thursday, 24 January 2008

The DoH bulldozer grinds on

So much for Darzi's review having a thorough and open consultation process, it seems that yet more reforms are being rail roaded through with the claimed backing of the Darzi review, before the consultation and the review have even finished. Following news of the plans for more private WICs up and down the country, it turns out that this is a nationwide initiative, it is entirely top down from the DoH and it is completely non negotiable:

"This is a national initiative for ALL PCTs. It's is in the Darzi interim report and the PCT Operating Framework. The time scale is set nationally and is not negotiable. Our delivery of this is being performance managed by the SHA."
This quote comes from documents leaked to the fancier by a PCT mole near you. This article highlighted exactly how Darzi is seen my ministers, as a compliant yes man with no autonomy to do anything that would displease the party, as Alan Johnson states:

"This work has not been subcontracted to Ara. He is not producing an independent report that will be left on a shelf gathering dust. He is doing this as part of a team. He guards his independence, but he develops his proposals in discussion with us, and recognising our settlement in the comprehensive spending review." Brown appointed other non-politicians to a "government of all the talents", known in Whitehall by the acronym Goat. Some went off message and had to be reprimanded. Johnson says: "We don't have a goat problem in this department. Our goat is tethered."

This is an admission of the truth about Darzi and his sham review, Darzi is just a pawn in the cynical game of PR that the government are playing in trying to pretend that educated medical opinion is behind their agenda of destructive and expensive privatisation. This is dishonest and a disgrace, as Dr Rant says:

"We have a centralised bureaucratic monolith that is not giving anyone, be they doctors, patients, managers or politicians or taxpayers, what they want. It costs a lot yet no one gets value, or feels valued by this system. It’s a miserable monopoly."

Not only do we have a centralised bureaucratic monolith, we have a centralised bureaucratic monolith that is run by dishonest manipulative scumbags of the highest order. Democracy to them means doing whatever they want to further their own self interest once they have been elected, they do not feel the need to represent the people that elected them in the slightest. This has been demonstrated yet again with the scandal of the EU 'reform treaty, the EU constitution dressed up in bog roll, that is being forced through without a referendum that we were promised; it's more than a little reminiscent of Labour's promises to scrap and internal market and not to privatise the NHS. If anyone from the DoH does read this blog as part of their intelligence gathering role, then it would be ironic, as intelligence is needed to gather intelligence, so you're onto a bit of a loser there I'm afraid.

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Dr Ray said...

Not just in Europe and Health. They lied about education too and are currently closing the best schools and forcing State pupils into schools financed by PFI and built and run by the private sector.
See the Observer today