Sunday, 6 January 2008

Sian Thomas - hang your head

The rushed and incompetently managed medical training reforms will cause untold damage over years to come, MTAS 2007 was merely the tip of the iceberg. The way in which the DoH has presided over this disaster is typical of the way in which the DoH manages things to do with health and the NHS. They have shown their arrogance, incompetence and stubbornness time and time again. Those in positions of power in the DoH seem to be selected on their ability to patronise and negligently mismanage anything that they delight in touching.

The government is privatising and dumbing down the NHS, the UK is one of the most under doctored country in the developed world. Yet the DoH and government are happy to waste millions training up non-doctors to do the job of doctors, while making thousands of properly trained doctors unemployed at the same time. This typifies the way in which the government detests professionals with a decent education, probably because many politicians are just failures who couldn't cut the real world.

For example this year there are over 20,000 applicants competing for under 10,000 jobs and Sian Thomas, another beacon of intellectual genius to emerge from the NHS' management hierarchy, has the ignorance to state:

"It is a good thing for patients that there is competition for jobs - it should mean they get the best doctors wherever they live."

Sian Thomas is either very very dim or is about as trustworthy as Tony Blair. Competition of this level is not good for anyone. It is lunacy to have so many thousands of highly trained doctors out of the training loop, especially when we are so desperately short of doctors in many many areas. It must be remembered that these junior doctors cannot train anywhere else in the UK, they can only train with the NHS, or they must emigrate for good, something I may add which many are in fact doing. Sam comments on the same issue here.

The mismanagement of medical training will have two main effects. One will be that thousands will quite medicine or emigrate, and this is a shocking waste, especially given the need for doctors given our expanding population and increasing proportion of elderly. Secondly many junior doctors will not be trained, they will be left to rot in career grade posts; and this is most definitely bad news for patient safety. Sian Thomas and her embarrassing colleagues should educate themselves a little before opening their ugly gobs, as their actions are resulting in things that can only be for patients and standards in health care. Sian Thomas are her ilk are motivated by their own career progression and satisfying their political masters at any cost; they are catalysing the dubbing down and privatisation of our health service to save money, and patients will pay the ultimate price for their treachery and dishonesty.

ps Anyone unlucky enough to get caught up in this disaster please keep an eye on Remedy's Job update site which is free for anyone to use.


David L. Cox said...

In all institutions there are managers of the brain-dead variety who spout drivel like Ms Thomas.

Fortunately for business they can sometimes be winkled out and fired before their lack of thought causes damage to the business.

Alas for the NHS Employers! Clearly they seem to believe, if Ms Thomas is the spokesman that avoiding training masses of junior doctors and lessening training of even more will be good for the patient! Absolute nonsense!

Alas also for the taxpayer, who presumably not only has his money wasted by the idiots changing and destroying the best training system for juniors in the world at £250K a throw, but also has to pay the salaries of the likes of Thomas, Donaldson, et al.

Better pay the severance and be rid!

dreamingspire said...

How come English doctors have to emigrate for good when we have been hearing that the NHS has to give the same consideration to foreign doctors applying for jobs here as they do to English doctors?

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